Time to talk about organ donation


What is the NFWI campaign about?

We’re encouraging members to talk about organ donation with their loved ones, to make sure they know whether or not they’d like to become donors. By doing this, members will take away any guesswork and stress from grieving families, and help ensure their personal decisions can be respected.

This means the NFWI will:

  • Encourage all WI members – regardless of age, location or beliefs – to have a think about how they feel about donating their organs after their death.
  • Encourage all WI members to convey their donation decision, whatever it is, to their closest family and friends.
  • Point WI members to the Organ Donation Register where they can register their decision with the NHS if they wish.

Why is talking about Organ Donation important?

Bereaved families in England and Wales (even in the new Welsh system) have a crucial role in the transplant system: donation never takes place without them being involved.

Research shows that families who are aware that their deceased loved one wanted to be a donor are vastly more likely to allow donation to take place. Knowing what a loved one wanted eases the burden of the decision at a very distressing time. Whatever your decision, letting your family knows means that your decision can be respected if the situation ever arises. Don’t leave them guessing: have a think, let them know.

If we can get more people talking about donation, and having their decisions known and respected by their loved ones, we can increase the chances of a transplant being possible for those 7,000 people still on the waiting list. One donor can transform the lives of 9 different people.


“We hope everyone in the UK will be proud to donate their organs, when and if they can. But we know this won’t happen without some inspirational leadership. We are asking you to provide this leadership: to talk to your families, your friends and your communities so that no family is left to guess what their loved one wanted. We believe you can lead this revolution and make a real difference for the seven thousand people and their families who are waiting for the life-saving gift of an organ.”

Sally Johnson, NHS Blood and Transplant, NFWI AM

What do we want to achieve?

Through the campaign we will:

  • Encourage WI members to make an informed decision about organ donation and join or abstain from the Organ Donation Register to reflect that choice.
  • Encourage WI members to have heart-to-heart conversations with their loved ones – partners, children, friends – about their decisions and encourage others to do the same.
  • Encourage WI members to learn about and discuss organ donation in their WIs and use events to raise public awareness.
  • Encourage WI members use craft and creativity to show their organ donation decisions and conversations and celebrate those who have gone through organ donation (recipients and donors) and those nurses and doctors who make the UK’s system of organ donation possible.
  • Break down the myth that organ donation is just for the young.
  • Help make donation conversations (and organ donation itself) ‘normal’ – helping NHS Blood and Transplant to achieve its vision for “a revolution in consent”.
  • Help increase the number of people on the Organ Donation Register.

Get involved – here are some ideas for action.

  • Have you made a decision about becoming an organ donor? Tell your family!
  • Visit http://www.thewi.org.uk/campaigns for resources and campaign updates and look out for further campaign information in the August mailing.
  • National Transplant Week runs from 7-13 July. NHS Blood and Transplant has free Registration forms and resources available online Visit http://www.transplantweek.co.uk
  • Want to be a donor? Join the NHS Organ Donation Register. You can either:-
  • Visit http://www.transplantweek.co.uk/register/ or put ‘become an organ donor’ into your search engine.
  • Call 0300 123 23 23
  • Sign up using your Boots Advantage card
  • Contact your GP

Once you’ve joined, tell your closest loved ones! Then tell your friends! You can even make joining the Register a ‘Life Event’ on your Facebook timeline.

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